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A destination wedding in Europe is the stuff that dreams are made of. And yet time and again we see couples giving up on their dream of a destination wedding in Europe due to either lack of information or surplus of poor advise. Even though destination weddings are complex and are not for everyone, but lack of trustworthy and reliable information should not be a reason to give up on one. That’s why we offer our expertise to those who are contemplating a destination wedding in Europe and would like to do so in a well-informed and hassle free manner.

What We Do

Our services are designed for those whose heart is set aflutter by the very thought of a destination wedding in Europe but are worried about the financial considerations and logistical complexities.


We have conquered all challenges and our effort now is to see to that our clients are empowered with all the relevant information. We support you thought the entire process in India and in Europe. As we have offices in Europe we are treated as locals and get the best local prices. We have in-depth knowledge about everything to host a destination wedding in Europe.


Our service is truly the fastest and the most efficient way to go after your dream destination wedding.

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How We Do It

We focus on the important details and filter out the irrelevant. The whole process is designed to empower you with enough information so that rather than feeling challenged by the complexity of a destination wedding in Europe you feel absolutely comfortable.

Place & Possibilities

Different places pose different challenges and different possibilities. Seemingly simple choices can throw surprises with massive impact on finances and even feasibility. This is why a little time spent on orientation goes a long way in putting the right Destination in your Destination Wedding. We give you enough information to feel comfortable as if you are there but at the same time filtering out the irrelevant.

Finances & Feasibility

Almost everything is feasible if money is no concern. But that is rarely the case, and there is always a budget that dictates what is feasible and what is not. We will suggest various options for your budget. This will allow you to make informed choices in terms of destination, events, décor and the size of your guest list.

Pre-wedding services in India

A destination wedding may take place in a far off land, but still there is a lot that needs to be done in India. Even if no event is taking place in India, still there is the matter of making sure everybody turns up looking their best in impeccable attires and adorned with finest jewels. This is your home turf and you probably are quite comfortable in conducting this business on your own, but if requested we will be happy to organize private viewing at leading fashion houses of ace designers as well as the jewellers.

We also help and advise on preparation of the guest list, sending the invites, booking bollywood entertainment, sorting out everybody’s visa etc.

Visa & Travel Hurdles

By far the biggest problem at the very onset of discussions about a destination wedding is how to put all the paperwork in order to ensure that all the wedding guests can travel abroad. But this is easily solved in the right hands. Our travel desk team will guide you through the entire process.

Hotels & Venues

Choosing a hotel for a destination wedding is little different than choosing a hotel for a vacation. In case of a destination wedding, you need to factor in if the hotel provides any venues and if not then are there any useable venues nearby. There are countless other considerations that have a direct impact on the logistics and in turn on final execution of the events. Although it sounds a bit overwhelming this is manageable. We will advise and support you through the entire process.

Design & Decor

The destination you have chosen may itself be drool worthy but you want your event venues to look stunning during the wedding celebrations. Sure you can hire a designer and ask her to design a Bollywood set for your wedding, but it helps if she is informed about the unique set of advantages and challenges that many of venues present abroad. Instead of transposing an Indian design to a foreign venue, it might be more efficient to take advantage of local eco-system at the destination. At the same time, there is no need to give up the special advantages that Indian supplier network offers either. This is a delicate balance but with the right knowledge you can strike this balance just right.

Suppliers & Vendors

A destination Indian wedding in Europe requires an army of suppliers and vendors. They come from all over Europe and beyond. Our expertise, local presence and knowledge of Europe gets us the best deals. Not only will you have a  dream wedding in Europe it will also come with exceptional quality at the best price.

Logistics Abroad

Just like the visas, this is probably another stumbling block for many new clients exploring a destination wedding in Europe. After all choreographing the movement of man and machine in a foreign country can be daunting. But our logistics team in every destination in Europe have extensive experience. Everything will be handled so smoothly with some clever logistics planning and execution.

Legal & Compliance

Different land different laws. One has to make sure in advance what these laws are and not to fall fowl of them. Even better, working with the local authorities well in advance prepares them so that they can anticipate your requirements and even make exceptions, if needed. Having this relationship with the local authorities is at times the difference between being permitted to have a destination wedding in a town or owning the town as if it was a local event.

We believe in turning every wedding (however small) into a dhumdhamaka event. And its all about being local.

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