Destination Weddings in Europe are Cheaper?

Recently, we received a call from a lady in Delhi and her first request was to recommend any European city that will be cheaper than having a wedding in Delhi. For our young executive it almost came across as a bizarre ask at the onset. But without panicking she handled it wilh confidence and imparted a lot of information that helped the lady understand more about her own question.


It is a known fact that luxury weddings in Delhi don’t come cheap. The word luxury itself gives it away that it’s a wedding that needs to stand apart. This is a bit difficult in a city like Delhi where you have thousands of weddings on the same day of the same caliber. But just by moving the destination from India to any other country takes the wedding to a different level. And if Europe is added to the mix, it’s definitely a wedding that will not only stand apart but will scream luxury from the top (literally).


If you host a wedding in India and in the city you live in it’s a given that you can’t cut down on the guest list. You may try as hard as you want but a casual bump into an old friend or a distant relative at the mall or at a restaurant will just cause the invite to roll off your tongue. But with a destination wedding, especially in Europe, trimming the guest list is not only natural but also a logistical requirement. Even the Ambanis had to bend to this rule.


Many European destinations usually have venues suitable to host only a couple of hundred guests. This compounded with finding hotel accommodation for your guests in close proximity to each other and of a similar standard is not always an easy problem to solve. For this and many other smaller but significant issues, keeping the guest list to the minimum is a necessity. This automatically cuts your guest list to one-third or even lesser. If you must invite many more then just host a reception party back in India to which you invite a larger guest list.


Definitely a destination wedding in Europe can be cheaper  than a wedding in Delhi or Mumbai. The wedding in Europe will be THE ONE rather than one among many in Delhi or Mumbai. Everything apart, a destination wedding is truly what dreams are made of and nothing comes closer to a dream than a wedding in Europe.


At DWC weddings our services are designed to help everyone whose heart is set aflutter by the very thought of a destination wedding in Europe but are worried about the financial considerations and logistical complexities. We will advise, simplify and support you throughout the entire process in India and in Europe. Our service is truly the fastest and the most efficient way to go after your dream destination wedding in Europe.