Things to consider while choosing a venue.

Indian weddings in Europe are still uncommon and most of the hotels in Europe rarely have single banquet halls that are large enough to accommodate more than 200-250 guests. But some luxury hotels and resorts have several adjoining halls with large connecting doors or in very close proximity. You can combine more than two or three halls or allocate separate halls for different activities, eg. buffet can be organised in a separate room (adjoining or close by) while finger food can be served in another room where the Sangeet or the main ceremony is taking place. This way you spread the eating activity over two banquet halls. Of course it goes without saying the people flow should be considered and a competent wedding planner/ event agency will have a designated person to do this.

If it’s difficult to get adjoining halls or closely located ones, you can always look at erecting a marquee on the grounds of these luxury hotels (if space permits) or at locations somewhere close by. It’s always better to look for locations that your guests can comfortably walk to.

But having said that it should not be a reason to let go of a fantastic venue or location. Coaches are inexpensive and easy to transport guests (though it does require a bit more co-ordination). This also gives your guests a new venue to visit and the excitement of an excursion.

These are just a couple of examples but there are many more factors that have a direct bearing on the quality and cost of an event. That’s why during our consultation process we dedicate a sizeable chunk of time to inform our clients about all such matters.