What type of wedding décor to expect in Europe?

Indian Abundance with European Aesthetics

Nothing in Europe and especially in Central Europe (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, etc.) is run in the mill. These countries are known for their design aesthetics and style, which is deeply rooted in their culture and heritage. This of course extends to their wedding décor but on a very small scale.

In general, European weddings are small in terms of number of guests and the amount of decoration. European decoration is minimalistic but definitely a work of art. While we, in India, love our colours and that too in abundance.

Now, abundance can be two-fold; one that means a lot of intricate work and heaps of flowers everywhere or it can be a tasteful blend of chandeliers, flowers, furniture and high-end lighting. Intricate work generally means many many hours of labour. In India this does not spell disaster but in Europe this is a quick way to burn through your wedding budget. While on the other hand working with large flower decorations strategically placed; different styles of furniture to create interesting spaces; rows of chandelier if the venue permits and strategically positioned lights of various kinds (spots, ambient etc.) can easily transform mundane venues to magnificent ones.

Intricate work, in Europe, is a quick way to burn through your wedding budget.

Therefore, it is important that the wedding designer at home or at the destination understands your requirement for abundance but also is aware of these issues, which will save you time, money and a lot of stress. In short, the design should take into consideration the ground realities of the destination.

One thing is for sure, the combination of Indian desire for abundance and European aesthetics and quality is a marriage made in heaven.  You should not demand anything less for your special day.