Is a wedding in Europe for me?

Once a joy almost exclusively reserved for the billionaires, now destination weddings seem accessible to more than just the ones on the Forbes rich list. The buzz around the destination weddings is certainly getting to a feverish pitch owing to the unprecedented media coverage of many high profile destination weddings in the recent past. This has kept the destination weddings as part of everyday discourse more than ever before and especially during the last few years. But one wonders what makes a destination wedding so special that having or attending one is starting to become essential among the social elites.

For one, there is no denying that there is an advantage of being the only wedding of its kind in any European city instead of being one among many thousands that might be happening on the same date in any city back in India. This level of exclusivity turns a wedding celebration into a marquee event. This characteristic alone is so irresistible to the demanding clientele from the higher strata of the Indian society that one doesn’t have to look any further to understand why these destination weddings in Europe are so alluring.

One among many or THE ONE

Another reason for such rocketing popularity of destination weddings in Europe lies much closer to home. Indian weddings in Europe turn into local events becuase only we Indians know how to take over the streets and create a spectacle with our band baraat. Europeans are relatively calmer when it comes to their own weddings but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying the spectacle that an Indian wedding exzuberates. Some Indian weddings in Europe have also made it to the local press, briefly making the wedding couple a local celebrity. Many local businesses even close early to watch (and some to join) the processions. For Europeans, Indian weddings are extravagant and something that they have only ever seen in the movies or read about but that is changing faster than you could imagine.

There is a Destination for every Dream.

And finally what makes these weddings so unique is that as soon as you have decided to have a destination wedding in Europe, a whole range of options open up. If you fancy a luxurious fabled wedding choose Switzerland; if you want the old world charm go for Italy; if you want a beach wedding choose south of France; if you want a royal setting choose Spain or Austria and so on. No matter what catches your fancy or whatever is the dream, there is a destination in Europe where these dreams do come true.

None of the insights shared above are really secrets and almost everybody who either got married on a destination wedding in Europe or attended one, can attest to these. But yet, the mystery and magic seems to surround just the very thought of one wanting to be married in such luxurious settings, full of natural beauty as much as the man made sophistication in the form of architecture, infrastructure and civilised populace.


So, start dreaming, and dream big for Europe is waiting with open arms and we are of course more than happy to help you make your dreams come true should you need any assistance.