DWC Weddings Packages


We advise

A destination wedding is a once in a life event so naturally most couples have no prior experience of organising one. That’s why we advise our clients about every aspect of organising a destination wedding in Europe. From visas to negotiation with the hotels, nothing is left to imagination.

We execute

Advice is worthless if it is not actionable. That’s why we walk the talk and offer full-service wedding planning service to those clients who want an absolutely hassle free wedding and no stress on their big day.

We operate

We operate locally in Europe through our offices there. Unlike others we do not sub-contract to a foreign wedding planner at the destination. We work directly with local vendors without another agency in between. This allows us to offer you  very competitive pricing and still maintain a very high standard of quality.



When it comes to weddings, transparent offers and straight forward pricing seems to be even rarer than the most auspicious of “muhurats“. But we believe that an informed client is the best client. So take a look at some of our packages below. These packages are intended to give you an idea of how much a wedding costs in various parts of Europe. The indicated price includes visas, flights, 5-star accommodation, catering, decoration, logistics and event management for 50 guests with 3 events as part of destination wedding celebrations.

However, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why all aspects of our offers are customisable. Would you like to have a 5 day long celebration with a guest list of 500 instead of 50; or perhaps a local DJ is not enough and you need a Bollywood celebrity singer to entertain your guests; it is all possible with of course a corresponding adjustment to the price as well.

Take a look, discuss with your family and if something catches your fancy, we would love to hear from you and help you put it all together. Remember, we are just a phone call away.

Destination Wedding in Austria, Vienna by DWC wedding packages
Destination Wedding in France DWC wedding packages
Destination Wedding in Greece DWC wedding packages
Destination Wedding in Hungary, Budapest DWC wedding packages
Destination Wedding in Italy, Rome, Florence, Venice, Como DWC wedding packages
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