We would love to say that we have found the panacea for every ill but truth be told, our services will be appreciated only by those whose heart is set aflutter by the very thought of a destination wedding in Europe. For some it is a flight of fancy while for others it is a dream reserved only for those who adorn the Forbes rich list.

We can help you if

  • You want to find out if a wedding in Europe fits within your budget. It takes a few minutes and is easily accomplished with our Estimator tool.
  • You want a destination wedding but feel that only the richest businessmen, cricketers or film stars could pull it off.
  • You feel daunted by the complexity of a destination wedding compounded by visas and flights for all your guests as well as the logistic abroad probably in a country where people speak little or no English.

The most difficult challenge now a days is to find one that hasn’t been conquered yet. But when it comes to destination weddings, the prevailing mindset by the players in the industry is to keep things opaque. We would like to see it change and the customers having all the information on their finger tips when they need it.