There is a “U” in Us

We are as excited about a destination wedding in Europe as you are. And it is our goal to make sure that your concerns don’t eclipse your excitement just because you are worried about the financial implication and logistical complexities.


We are a team with years of experience in organising luxury events and weddings in Europe. Over the years we have worked with many venues, vendors, entertainers and suppliers of all variety from all over Europe and beyond. In doing so, we have gained first hand experience in all aspects of hosting Indian weddings in Europe. We understand what works and what doesn’t.


We have offices both in India and in Europe, with dynamic teams to manage the entire process from procuring visas for your guests to logistics, Indian food and decoration in Europe. Our teams will ensure that the efficiency and quality are both maintained at the highest standards.


We provide transparent and honest information faster than you can imagine. In an industry that runs on opaque deals and commissions, we believe in transparency.


We believe an informed client is the best client.

Knowledge is Power. Destination Wedding Consultancy for Destination Weddings in Italy, Rome, Venice, Como, Florence, France, paris, Cannes, Switzerland, Austria, Vienna